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Reiki in Our World

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

We live on a beautiful planet that has much to offer us. In our busy lives,

we miss out on many of the simple joys that surround us. Many of us

experience stress in our lives, creating emotional or physical discomfort in

our bodies. These feeling of stress and anxiety were heightened during the

pandemic, and current events have further increased these emotions.

Reiki energy can help to counteract these feelings of stress and anxiety,

creating a balanced energy among the chakras. Reiki energy that flows

through the body moves through each chakra creating a calmness in the

mind, body and spirit. When we are relaxed and calm, we can process life

experiences with ease. If we take care of ourselves, we respond to people,

situations and life in more of a peaceful manner.

Our bodies are sacred vessels that carry us through life’s journey.

Developing self-awareness and taking care of our mind, body and spirit is a

proactive step. Being proactive empowers a person to be accountable for

their health and well-being. Take the first step and empower yourself. You

hold a special place on this beautiful planet.

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